At Eagle we believe in progress and innovations that move our industry to greater heights.
We have progressed from the days of the old wrecking ball and now utilize highly mechanized machinery with
specialized attachments, key in making sure your project is done on time as efficiently as possible.
We have trained operators with many years of experience coupled with an
intense dedication to the mission our company.

Today's demolition projects are similar to performing a surgical procedure with systematic removal of building components.
Our experience and skills have grown with the times and our goal is to remain well above the demolition curve.

  • Selective Demolition
  • Environmental Services
  • Dismantlement projects, large and small
  • Innovative solutions to clients problems
  • Commercial and residential demolition for developers and grading contractors
  • Project Management
  • OSHA/HAZMAT trained personnel
  • Emergency Response

Environmental Services

We offer a wide array of environmental solutions to suit our clients needs. Our highly trained professionals will consult with you on your
asbestos, mold, and lead solutions with environmental friendly cost cutting measures.


Eagle will consult with you on your demolition needs. We have a wide array of options available at your disposal.
Let us help you determine what method of building deconstruction is right for you.

Ask us about smart building deconstruction. Let us see if your job is a candidate for this revolutionary method. Building deconstruction,
where applicable, will yield some materials that can be removed from the building prior to demolition. Demolition debris such as
rubble can also be used for foundation fill materials instead of being hauled to a landfill.


We encourage recycling of salvageable items whenever possible. Ask about our green (LEED) initiative and one of our company representatives
will be happy to discuss implementation into your next project.

Waste Services

Eagle serves contractors and "Do -it-yourselfers". We are keen to your needs regarding delivery of containers and emptying them promptly,
regardless of project size. We recognize the importance of speedy service, whether you are constructing a high office building or simply clearing contents
from a house, we stand ready to accommodate your needs. We utilize 20-40 cubic yard containers for your convenience.

  • Friendly, professional and experienced drivers
  • Radio-dispatched trucks for comprehensive routing
  • No daily rental fees
  • Live-loading availability
  • Same day service potential
  • Discount pricing for high volume and inert material

Clean and Close

Inside structure--- (boarding all widows; cleaning out structure of debris and contents, i.e. food, trash, old furniture, clothes etc.; broom sweep, re-keying/replacing front door, board up any other accessory doors.)

Outside---(Cut/trim grass, remove excessive overgrowth from yard & exterior of structure, remove debris, i.e. old tires, trash, etc., trim/prune hedges/bushes, cut & remove small saplings & wild hedges, leave yard in neat condition within property boundaries.